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Hi 👋 I have a question. Why does Calva injects figwheel-main as a dep during jacking in for CLI + Figwheel Main project type? I think figwheel-main will be present in deps list anyway (otherwise, how can one build a project for production?)


Yeah. That's a mistake. I thought we had fixed that.


Good to know thanks 👍


@UFU7GAE15 Would you mind creating an issue for this? Would be appreciated.


It's fixed in dev now, actually no need for an issue. 😃


Hi everyone, just wanted to say good job on the new REPL window. It works and feels great, love it! ❤️

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Hi all! Since the latest Calva update I seem to have an issue. I have a ns and a corresponding test ns; when I save the test ns, calva goes into some sort of infinite loop where it keeps saying in th output (“Salva says”): > No tests found. 😱, ns: 0, vars: 0 > Running namespace tests… Also, in the new output.repl-file tab, it keeps adding these lines: > clj::user=> > ; Evaluating file: my_test.clj > #’my-test/large-vector Does this ring a bell? Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

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Looks like a bug to me.


Can you try with v2.0.108 to confirm that it is the output window update causing the error?


Yes with 2.0.108 it works normally again. Just to make sure: when the above was happening, I had Calva jacked in (leinginen). Also, the output window was coming to front all the time, making it very hard to type in my source code.


Horrible. Hopefully it is all because of the same root error. Please file an issue. Maybe you can get around the error somewhat by temporarily disabling test-on-save.


No worries. Just to not loose time over this right now, I’ll just continue with 108 for the moment.