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I just made Navi, a cljs library that changes the active menu tab based on the relevant section scrolling position. There are jquery and js solutions out there, but 1 - I didn't want to add jquery to the project and 2 - several js libs had some minor glitches that pushed me to roll my own version 🙂. ATM, the library does everything for you in that it's not very flexible, but it can become more dynamic to work also with side menus and whatnot. If you have a cljs project, I'd love to hear what you think about it. It'll take 2 minutes to set it up.

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As a possible improvement ^^

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Looking great! Will play with this thank you! 🙂


A new dev version of clj is now available thanks to the keen eyed clj bug hawks in #tools-deps - if you like some more long form words, I have written some here:

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