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Is anyone having any issues with deps.edn :extra-paths not being respected as source roots? I keep having to reapply mine constantly... Not sure what I'm doing wrong


You probably need to tell Cursive which aliases to sync:


Oh, I didn’t realise that’s what that meant =)… Thanks!


Hey there. IntelliJ idea 2020.2 was just released. Any known issues with Cursive? Ie is it safe to update?


I think so, I’m using it with no problems.

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On that note, are there any goodies in 2020.2 for those of us who mainly only work with clojure? year.x->y upgrades are always a little more involved when it comes to idea


there's better support for dealing with pull-requests and reviews right in the IDE. Also, finally a separate Problem window.


Also git commit squashing and faster indices (even shared indices)


Interesting, thank you!


There’s nothing Clojure specific in there, but things like Shared Indexes might be interesting too. I haven’t had time to play around with them yet, though.


what i missed the most for the past half year is that they allow again putting the Diff preview in the VSC log tool window on the side as opposed to below the log entries. depending on screen size and whether you just study code, browse or preparing to review, both locations can make a lot of sense.


also, everything is faster. by not much, but noticeably faster to make it feel smoother even on a 2012 3.4GHz Quad-Core i7 iMac


speed is always a good reason to upgrade, thanks


@beders I'm new to Cursive so I could be missing something, but I had problems with 2020.2 and importing projects that were started outside of Cursive. Starting a new project inside of Cursive worked though. And I didn't seem to have this problem with 2020.1. @cfleming is github where bugs should be reported?


Yes, please, link is in the channel title.


Does Cursive have the equivalent of the equivalent of #dbg behavior? Like I can do the below and it will show me the output of each individual step.

 (->> (range 10)
      (take 5)
      (map #(* % 2)))
I tried messing with breakpoints but it didn't seem to have the equivalent behavior when doing a step over or step into.


No, there isn’t at the moment. I’d like to integrate the stream debugger with Cursive, but haven’t managed to look at that yet.


Is it possible to create a repl run configuration for new -X:alias feature of tools-deps?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:07:17

what's a run configuration?

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this question reminded me the "what is love?" song :)


@U064X3EF3 im super excited about these new cli options. you are doing some amazing, fundamental work at cognitect. it feels like you are slowly but surely pulling the industry out of the tar pit 🙂

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:07:49

oh sorry, didn't realize I was in #cursive nvm