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At the request of a user I explored the possible use of Fulcro as the full-stack part of a Reframe app. Turns out it really was pretty simple. Not sure if I’m missing something (I’m no reframe expert), but I made a video of how one would go about it from a Fulcro perspective. Gives you all of the full-stack graph abilities of Fulcro (and much of the other support, like UI state machines, form state management, etc.) while still being able to use Reframe’s full feature set.;

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New maintenance release of confetti/s3-deploy , a small library to efficiently sync files to an S3 bucket. Great for small deploy scripts using clj too:

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Fulcro 3.2.5 Released. This version includes a number of minor improvements to the internals, and a few bug fixes. It also makes a minor modification to the behavior of the new synchronous transactions: Using them will no longer schedule a full UI refresh. This was judged to be an error in the original implementation. You can use app/schedule-render! if a localized sync change needs a wider refresh, but the sync optimization itself works best if acts more like a strictly component local change.

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