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Drew Verlee20:05:59

I"m trying to dual boot windows and ubuntu. I had this setup before such that windows and ubuntu were on different paritions and ssd drives. I borked my old version of ubuntu and so i just made a new ubuntu bootloader. Everything installed fine except it wouldn't let me login to the new ubuntu. So i reinstalled (again) and now picking the second drive at the boot loader menu drops me directly into GRUB, but not the one where you can pick your OS. Just the command line. In case someone is feeling charitable, any hints or ideas about whats going on would be welcome. At the installation menu if i clicked the option to install via "something else" (not the option i used, but the one which gives more information). It tells me that currently i have /dev/sda1 with windows on it and dev/sda2 with 500gb. I assume this means that sda1 is the booter for windows and sda2 is the rest of the disk it can... idk control. Meanwhile /dev/sdb 7 is listed as used by ubuntu and is 500gb. So it seems like their installed correctly.

Drew Verlee20:05:36

one oddity i cant find good information on is that i'm given two options to boot from. Those are both the USB disk.


The grub bootloader is not the most illuminating thing in the world, but there's a list of commands for it somewhere


I think you should probably boot up your Ubuntu disk again, mount everything and try to look at the grub configs


There may be an ls command in grub

Drew Verlee20:05:02

there is. But i didnt understand the output. I'm reading now that i have to install using the same mode (UEFI vs legacy) as the windows OS. So i need to check that first it seems.


I'd be surprised if you didn't install with uefi

Drew Verlee20:05:59

i did both. The most recent time i didn't, i skimmed the options and thought i read it was the legacy version.


If you installed it into a different drive, it should be OK, but you'll need to set up your bios to boot legacy mode drives

Drew Verlee20:05:15

installation complete. I needed to install with UEFI and choose to not auto log in. I'm guessing autologin is broken for some reason. I saw a random post they got stuck in a loop at the login screen as well.

Lennart Buit21:05:15

Oh the memories, I got so proficient in fixing my boot loader when arch and/or windows decided that they didn’t want to play ball with eachother anymore

Lennart Buit21:05:46

mostly my own fault, obviously


Given that Windows has WSL these days and can run several flavors of Linux, I haven't felt the need for dual-boot for a long time. It seems just so much more convenient to have both running side-by-side.


And I have created dual-boot machines on occasion in the past, but always felt like I was one step away from bricking the system, or making one or both partitions unbootable. I really love having a Windows/macOS host OS, and Linux guest OS in VirtualBox, personally. I know it doesn't suit all use cases, and mentioning this doesn't help you figure out your current situation.