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are there are any snippets of joker code online or larger projects written in joker? I tested some small scripts


There’s a test suite included, which you might find helpful. See the tests subdirectory of the source tree. But my own production Joker code is not really ready for public use/inspection; I hope others chime in with pointers!


Also, the docs/generate-docs.joke and std/generate-std.joke scripts, while “quirky” (because they’re closely tied to how Joker is built and its documentation generated), might prove enlightening.


Joker is not really intended for "large" projects, whatever "large" means. I think its sweet spot is scripts / automation. We use it for some infrastructure automation / glue, and our largest script is ~ 1.3K of LOC, not counting @hlship’s multi library ( That said, if anyone uses Joker for something more sophisticated it'd be very interesting to hear about it.

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