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who knows stripe developer's slack workspace? [9:36 PM] I have some issue on stripe api, so I 'm gonna ask about this on that channel [9:37 PM] Help me   :woman-raising-hand:💥


@iwajaki1994220 A web search doesn't turn up a Stripe-related Slack workspace -- but they do have a full developer portal (that you need to log into) so I suspect all the resources are behind that login wall.


You can use Atom with a vim plugin.


Hi, this channel is for help regarding Slack itself. Maybe post in #beginners ? It might be difficult to recommend a "best" editor though. They all have strengths and weaknesses for different types of workflows, and boils down to a very personal choice.


After reading more into your specific needs, I'd second the folks suggesting one of the vim-based flavors of emacs (either Spacemacs with Evil-mode, Doom Emacs, or just plain Evil-mode which I use myself). The reason is that I think it has an experience on par with VSCode/Calva in terms of maturity. Both in Clojure-related tooling as well as stuff like git integration. (then again, atom+chlorine has all that too, and is much closer to what you are using now...)


Certainly, I'd recommend you spacemacs, it has evil-mode (allows use vim commands), and for a more pure vim approach, nvim and conjure. There's the no-free alternative, intellij and cursive. And of course, VS/Calva. My choice, spacemacs and playing with conjure


Doom emacs did the trick. Bit of a learning curve but I’m productive