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Clojure2d 1.3.0-alpha2 - revised version, with big changes to clojure2d.color namespace.

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Also new version of Fastmath is ready to be used 1.5.0-alpha4. What's new is fastmath.optimization namespace, Revised stats, vector operations, new interpolation functions added, signal (audio) processing. Enjoy.

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Morning All! Just finished the last blog post of the year - As always, I welcome comments and any suggestions for improvements to make this as useful as possible. Have an amazing New Year’s Eve!

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[tag children] is also valid hiccup.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:12:00

The first example, would it not be better if the two were same, ie not just h1 in one and div with a class=.. in the other?

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Good points! Updated 🎉

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“To be considered valid Reagent Hiccup, the vector you pass to Reagent needs to take one of the following three shapes” Just remove “three”


Just a gentle reminder: #announcements is for projects & libraries per the channel topic -- we have #news-and-articles for blog posts etc.

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