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Currently the sesman functions for managing REPL connections are missing Spacemacs keybindings from the Clojure layer. For more information about Sesman, see I am proposing adding them (I've updated an issue I raise several months ago) It seems quite a big change, however, its mostly additive, with about 10 keybindings (which I believe are lesser used) being moved to a new sub-menu. Here is a summary [x] Add keybindings for sesman commands into "ms" menu, adding "msl" [x] Use sesman-start (wrapper around all jack-in and connect commands) - one keybinding to rule them all :) [x] Refactor "mc" keybinding to "mRc" to clear the repl buffer and "mc" is now sub-menu for connect functions [x] Rename "ms" menu from "repl" to "repl connections" [x] Migrate keybindings from "ms" relating to using/sending code to REPL, to "mR" menu I believe (hope) that these changes make the Clojure layer keybindings easier to understand, offer all the sesman commands and have very minimal (or no) impact on the majority of peoples workflow. Feedback is definately apprecicate as I put together a pull request.

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I have created a Pull Request for this change so you can try the changes for yourself if you wish.