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I'm starting to put some time into this. I would love ideas for the project! At the moment I don't think coding help would be useful, since everything is so unstable. Once I have a usable core I'll make a call for help. The readme explains why and what I want make this.

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Made a thing to cut out the unused vars from a project: Typical usage:

clj -A:carve --opts '{:paths ["src" "test"]}'

Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:12:09

I remember one day, many months ago, when you didn’t release something :)

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Was it a very sad day? 😄


So, intriguing but I have to ask - when does the need typically come up? (I’d imagine all sorts of IDEs, lingers and build pipelines would also catch stuff like this?). Thanks 😊


@UCW3QKWKT I'm not using such an IDE myself, but having this as an IDE-independent tool gives more options and having options is nice


Makes sense, thanks! It’s how I like it as well 😀


@U064X3EF3 I'm pretty sure the last day of 2019 will be a new-release-free day 🙂

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