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@bozhidar FYI, I deleted the latest cider-nrepl jar from .m2 and let it redownload, and the problem is now gone. Which could mean that somehow I downloaded a corrupted jar, but my colleague had the exact same problem yesterday which was also fixed by redownloading.

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If you are using Spacemacs, I have a PR to add keybindings for the sesman session manager. There are a few Emacs keybindings, but nothing in which-key. Feedback most welcome. As there are no keybindings in the Clojure major mode for sesman, I didn't realise I was missing out on some useful features. I have found sesman-start so much easier to start my repls. Linking projects to a sesman session is also very useful too.

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I don't like that it moves from SPC m s to SPC m R. My objection is not so that there is a change, but rather that we'll now have to depress Shift in addition to the key for a binding that is used very often (at least for me)


I use , s s, , s x and , s N several times per minute when working, so it might add a strain on my pinky. So therefore my personal preference would probably be to keep all the repl commands under s not R.


@UAEFFG05B I assume you are always pushing those three kebinging combinations as you only evaluate code in the REPL buffer directly. They can all be replaced by just , e f if you evaluate in the source code buffer rather than switching back and forth between the repl buffer and source code buffer, saving even more strain on your pinky. I also use . when evaluating multiple expressions, so even less pinky strain.


I use , e f quite a bit too. I type out or rerun test cases directly from the REPL before moving them out into test files. Thinking a little bit more about this, I should probably stop using , s s as much as I do, and just work from a buffer like you suggest. I also don’t want to be this guy:


I appreciate that getting a consensus on how we use Emacs is not very Emacs like 🙂 Eveyone have been very reasonable and I am very greatful and much enlightened to know how everyone is using Clojure in Spacemacs. I will leave the PR and issue for a week to see if we get more feedback from others. I have a slight modification that I think might alleviate concerns (beyond the suggestions in the issue). I will try this out over the coming week.