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While this might look like a blog post, it's actually a New Year's Eve round-up of the main Clojure projects I maintain and their updates since August: -- expectations, honeysql, core.cache, core.memoize,, java.jdbc, clj-new, depstar, next.jdbc, dot-clojure -- consider this a six-month summary of their releases. Follow-ups to #expectations #honeysql #clojure #sql #tools-deps as appropriate, or via DM.

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practicalli-john01:01:58 only shows clj-new 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 fails on the command line when tried just now. Is this just slowness for clojars to update? 0.8.3 seems to be working just fine though :)


Oops! I got distracted by work and forgot the most important step: deploy clj-new


Thanks for the heads up. 0.8.4 is on Clojars now.


Seems like that's the maintainers equivalent of forgetting the attachment on an email 🙂 Thanks Sean, great work.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)05:01:31

FYI, regarding Clj-new and --query it surprised it it isn't called --dry-run as is common but I guess there are good reasons...


@U0522TWDA Well, it doesn't dry run the actual dependency fetching, and it provides more information about the template substitutions and what file/folder names would be created, with namespaces etc. So I felt -? / --query was more appropriate.

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(there's already a verbose option to display information about the dependency fetching -- at some point I may try to integrate a full "dry-run" approach)


New year new version V1.1.0 🎆 Now fork has a convenient handler to perform real time server side validation, before a form is submitted. Check it out in the README

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