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is there a clojure web framework like django that comes with and admin panel so that users can edit and publish stuff ?


@i There are no content management systems written in Clojure as far as I know.


I am in search of some library that can handle user account and session management, like django admin


Buddy? Friend? Those are the two that come to mind.


Caribou was a CMS / hash-map oriented ORM which would create pages / routes based on database entries. Sadly it lost funding and never got mainstream traction (or maybe such things are abominations and it's good it never took off)


anyway it was my first paying software job :D


@i for this specific task I used an ID stored in an aes encoded jwt token, which indexed a db with session / user info


I think most folks feel that there are lots of really good solutions out there in that space and it would be a huge amount of work to create one in Clojure so effort is better spent on other things.


what does the following java statement mean? new Foo.Bar().Baz("something") is Bar a method for the object Foo? or am I missing something here?


afaik new Foo isn't valid Java. It'd have to be new Foo()


well I encountered this code in the wild. I'm having trouble translating it to clojure.


here is the actual code:

new DenseLayer.Builder().nIn(784).nOut(250)


Speculating a bit, was awhile since I was up to date on the details... but with inner/nested classes it doesn’t seem impossible. I think you need to look at the actual thing being called, not just the calling code.

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I think it parses that as ((new (DenseLayer.Builder()).nIn(784)).nOut(250)


and Builder is an inner class of DenseLayer

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ahh yes. inner class it is. DenseLayer$Builder was what I was looking for.

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Yes, that always feels a bit awkward in Clojure to me. IIRC if you import DenseLayer$Builder to your namespace, it will at least autocomplete in CIDER, which helps me deal with it.


is it possible to override an implementation of a protocol for a certain type/defrecord?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:12:29

Other than by extending to that type, no


Morning folks! We just released a big behind-the-scenes change to Clojars - we migrated from sqlite to postgres. There shouldn't be any user-facing impact, but if you see anything odd in the UI or when deploying, please create an issue at For more details about this change see:!topic/clojars-maintainers/B5CjT8381_M

Lennart Buit14:12:49

maybe related, but the response time is fairly large. about 4.72s to load the root html document

Lennart Buit14:12:50

rest of the pages is fine, maybe just a query on the front page that is out of control?


Yes, it looks like the query that gets the recent jars isn't very efficient in postgres. I'll take a look. Thanks for the report!


for my curiosity - what made you to do this change?


You could also cache the most recent jars


@U0WL6FA77 See the message at the link given above for some details on why.

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Lennart Buit20:12:55

(that post seems to be closed off? I cannot access it at least)


Strange. I tried it again just now, and got the same message as the first time I tried -- it appears to be a public link to a message sent to a Google groups email list, which AFAIK should not require anyone to be a member of that group to read.

Lennart Buit20:12:12

to me it gives an error, then redirects me to!forum/clojars-maintainers and says I don’t have access to that.


Link works fine here.


I just changed the a visibility setting of the group about 30 seconds ago. Can you try again @UDF11HLKC?


In the settings, the posts were public, but the group itself wasn't. I changed the latter.

Lennart Buit21:12:59

yep, working ^^!

Lennart Buit21:12:20

I can now access that message as well as the other messages posted in the group


Good deal, thanks for confirming.


I just released some query optimizations and caching. Load times of the index page should be much improved.


Really fast now