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The cursive repl history doesn't seem to save data across sessions, I recall it working at some point, but I'm not sure. Is this an issue or working as intended?


Steps to reproduce: 1. Start a project repl 2. enter command 3. restart idea 4. start repl and press Up (or whatever previous repl history hotkey you have) 5. The command you wrote previously should then come in but doesn't


Or this might be an issue with writing new commands to history since there's something there, but not the command you wrote earlier.


I can elaborate a bit further: the repl history stored in .idea/workspace.xml is read and used, but no new history is ever saved


For me the issue appeared after (or around) upgrading to IDEA 2019.3 and the corresponding Cursive version


That definitely sounds like a bug, I’ll try to reproduce that.


Same issue here 👆:skin-tone-2:


I’ve actually just seen a post to the plugin development forum which suggests that this might be an IntelliJ bug.


@cfleming any word on support for string :requires from CLJS land?


is there any way to turn off the parenthesis assist feature ?


i am constantly fighting it


just makes me hate the whole thing 😞


Look for a popup menu in the lower left of the window.


Also if you’re using Paredit and don’t like it, you might want to try Parinfer before shutting the whole thing off (or vice versa if you’re already on Parinfer). I prefer paredit myself.

Lennart Buit21:12:53

Yeah, I prefer Parinfer, I couldn’t get used to Paredit ^^. It is something that you do have to get used to, but it is so nice when you do


yeah, tested it out, thanks, i prefer parinfer style too, much more natural for me than paredit 🙂

Lennart Buit21:12:01

also; a bit of a stupid tip; but if cursive lost its way in placing braces, sometimes commenting and uncommenting a piece of code ‘fixes’ the brackets :’)

Lennart Buit21:12:28

it is also a good party trick when pair programming


yeah the commenting and cut-paste sort of works, but that way i just feel i'm fighting the tool