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seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.0.10"} -- The next generation Clojure wrapper for JDBC-based database access -- -- all follow-up to #sql please! Enhancements: * Fix #75 by adding support for java.sql.Statement to plan, execute!, and execute-one!. * Fix #73 by providing a new, optional namespace that can be required if your database driver needs assistance converting java.util.Date (PostgreSQL!) or the Java Time types to SQL timestamp (or SQL date/`time`). * Address #70 by adding CLOB & BLOB SQL Types to the Tips & Tricks section of Friendly SQL Functions and by adding next.jdbc.result-set/clob-column-reader and next.jdbc.result-set/clob->string helper to make it easier to deal with CLOB column data. Documentation: * Fix link to All The Options in Migration from PR #71 (@laurio). * Clarify what execute! and execute-one! produce when the result set is empty (`[]` and nil respectively, and there are now tests for this). Similarly for find-by-keys and get-by-id. * Add MS SQL Server section to Tips & Tricks to note that returns an empty string for table names by default (so table-qualified column names are not available). Using the :result-type (scroll) and :concurrency options will cause table names to be returned. * Clarify that Friendly SQL Functions are deliberately simple (hint: they will not be enhanced or expanded -- use plan, execute!, and execute-one! instead, with a DSL library if you want!). * Improve migration docs: explicitly recommend the use of a datasource for code that needs to work with both and next.jdbc; add caveats about column name conflicts (in several places). * Improve datafy/`nav` documentation around :schema. Miscellaneous: * Address #74 by making several small changes to satisfy Eastwood. * Update org.clojure/ to "0.1.4" (0.1.2 fixes a number of reflection warnings).

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