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OK, I have an annoying problem in Spacemacs where autocomplete works if I give it a namespace-aliased symbol and one letter, but not otherwise, so, with | the cursor: - m/ <TAB> has no matches - m/h <TAB> does Also, the m isn't highlighted until I add the h, which tells me maybe it's CIDER that doesn't know what it is yet? On the other hand, if I manually M-x company-complete it absolutely knows what to do... this is on develop, Spacemacs v.0.300.0.

(auto-completion :variables
                      auto-completion-return-key-behavior 'complete
                      auto-completion-tab-key-behavior 'cycle
                      auto-completion-idle-delay 0.1
                      auto-completion-enable-snippets-in-popup t
                      auto-completion-enable-help-tooltip t
                      auto-completion-enable-sort-by-usage t)


@lvh I have always assumed auto-complete didnt start until you type 2 characters or more. That is what I am used to. Perhaps that is just the auto-complete popup that does that... I will check.


Hmm, TAB does work for completion for me, possibly because I am using Evil rather than Holy. M-/ works though. I am getting completion using that or company-complete but only on functions I evaluated already. I will try some experiments as I continue coding today.


Do you also find the evaluation indicators in the fringe a little too subtle? If you are not sure what I mean, then perhaps you do. When you evaluate an expression then a green mark appears in the left hand fringe next to that expression. This indicates that the code is evaluated in the current repl. when you change the code, the mark is automatically removed. I raised an issue to make these indicators a bit less subtle. What do you think?

👍 8

Indeed, i never noticed them or know about them…


The evaluation marks do stop me having those moments when a I wonder why the code isn’t working and I realised I forgot to evaluate a change 😱


You can quickly customise the colour of the mark... see the first comment on the issue.