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Two questions: 1. I just published 1.0.10 of seancorfield/next.jdbc -- and noticed an unfortunate broken link in the Getting Started docs. I can fix it on GitHub of course, but what will it take to get cljdoc to rebuild the docs from that fixed version? 2. I have a namespace that only contains implementations of protocols, so it has no vars and does not show up in the left hand nav tree of namespaces. I feel like I've asked this before but is there a way to force cljdoc to include such namespaces in the nav tree?


(I suspect the answer to #1 is "You have to release a new build" which seems overkill just to fix a link in the generated documentation 😞 )


@seancorfield Your suspicion is correct. I wish there was another way but so far I haven’t found a method that I’m completely happy with. This is currently also a ~blocker for Reagent to use cljdoc so probably worth addressing


There’s an issue for this here, feel free to subscribe and give feedback on solutions have have been proposed thus far


More ideas also welcome 🙂


Regarding #2 — is the namespace next.jdbc.transaction? If so what would you like to see when viewing that namespace on cljdoc?


We could add it to the nav if there is a docstring, if you’d like that leave a not here:


Okay I'll add a vote for it there. The actual page renders fine. They're just missing from the nav tree.


Yeah, at some point I took them out because I thought it doesn’t make sense to just show a namespace’s title. I didn’t consider that there might be an extensive docstring at the time.


Notes added to both tickets.


> Can you also make it a bit easier to figure out how to request a cljdoc rebuild? As in the hidden button is too hidden?


There's a hidden button? Where is it?


it's white text


to the immediate left of the button in the top right.


inspect the source


Found it -- thanks @dominicm!