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@ikitommi We have talked some time ago about creating an org with vertx stuff, do you have a name suggestion for it? Maybe vertx-clojure as-is?


Right now i have an usable version that i'm already using in uxbox so i think i can release a first experimental alpha


@niwinz sounds good to me.


@ikitommi I'm also have a sql adapter (i have started working on it befor knowing about porsas) very similar to porsas but more integrated with my current vertx-clojure


my single concern about porsas is the inclusion of other jdbc related code (i have nothing against next.jdbc, is just from my point of view should not be in the "async" pg client :P)


maybe we can create a new package just using the async.clj from porsas and include it in the org?


what do you think?


porsas was a learning trip for going fast with async. I think it’s a good idea to create a pure vertx-based lib, without anything else/irrelevant. For sync, next.jdbc is good enough, so happy to deprecate porsas.


perfect, in this days i go to create the org and the two packages, i probably use part of the porsas code for the pure vertx based pgclient lib 😉