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This is probably more Site than XTDB But I thought I’d start by asking here — A real basic question with just getting my token. This is my config: site/bin/site config { "", "site/local/", :ig/system { {:xtdb/tx-log {:kv-store {:xtdb/module xtdb.rocksdb/->kv-store, :db-dir "/Users/tmb/.local/share/site/db/txes"}}, :xtdb/document-store {:kv-store {:xtdb/module xtdb.rocksdb/->kv-store, :db-dir "/Users/tmb/.local/share/site/db/docs"}}, :xtdb/index-store {:kv-store {:xtdb/module xtdb.rocksdb/->kv-store, :db-dir "/Users/tmb/.local/share/site/db/idxs"}}}, {, 2021, [], false}, { 7888}}} My Pass setup; Password Store ├── site │   └── local │   ├── admin │   └── tmb └── user └── tmb My first attempt: site/bin/site get-token -u tmb site: Unix pass prefix: site/local/ site: Get token from site: Extracting password from /Users/tmb/.password-store/site/local/tmb.gpg fail: Failed to get password for tmb Second Attempt: site/bin/site get-token -u "tmb" site: Unix pass prefix: site/local/ site: Get token from site: Extracting password from /Users/tmb/.password-store/site/local/tmb.gpg fail: Failed to get password for tmb Third Attempt: site/bin/site get-token -u "tmb" -p tmb site: Unix pass prefix: site/local/ site: Get token from Server response: 500 <body> <h1>Internal Server Error</h1> <p><a href="" target="_site_error">Error</a></p> </body> Nothing I have tried works What am I doing wrong?

Steven Deobald02:12:57

@U054219BT Definitely a Site question. I'm afraid all the Site devs are in the UK (and probably deep asleep at the moment), but you may have better luck asking in #juxt so your question doesn't get lost in the mix. 🙂 We may need to pester @U050CTFRT to create a #site channel... seems like it's getting popular.


@U054219BT can you somehow share the contents of the request debug page mentioned in the third attempt @ http://localhost:2021/_site/requests/235d881f77fa0066325271ac ?


Have you set up your user in site? currently you need to run some commands from the repl to kick things off. the stack trace will be in that request debug page though which will help debug it. As for why pass isn’t working I have no idea as i don’t use it, but I would start by trying to get it working without site first, maybe this is helpful


@U899JBRPF the request debug page just saysUnauthorized Error


When I started I had in the repl - it failed trying to use pass so I supplied a password: site> (put-superuser! "tmb" "Tom Brooke" "tmb") [✔] Site API resources installed. [✔] Authentication resources installed. [✔] Role of superuser exists. [✔] At least one superuser exists. :ok


from the site repl you can do (e ""), that will look the request up directly in the db, it might be quite big though so maybe just get the out of it as thats where the error message is. you shouldn’t be having problems though…


but there are a bunch of manual bits of setup you have to do at the moment which definitely isn’t ideal as theres a lot that can go wrong, I have a private branch which seeds all the things you need to get started automatically but need to convince malcolm its a good idea before I can merge it 🙂

Steven Deobald02:12:22

xt xt xt We're experimenting with a trial Discourse instance at and everyone in the existing community is welcome to head over there and kick the tires (tyres?) with us. We're thus far undecided and we have 9 days left in the trial so please feel free to be a bit violent with the instance to see if you like it or not. If we choose to keep Discourse, it's not a replacement for Zulip/Slack. Rather, it's an alternative to the mailing lists we currently lack. 🙂 Once you've tried it out, please let us know what you think here:


Not sure whether you're monitoring Slack or Zulip more closely but I commented in Zulip that the site is read-only right now -- no signup allowed @U01AVNG2XNF


Seems to be back to read/write now -- and the icons are working now 🙂

Steven Deobald06:12:06

That's... weird. I definitely didn't do anything to fix it. :thinking_face:


@U01AVNG2XNF You are right and I debated between Juxt and XTDB but decided on XTDB since I knew @U899JBRPF seemed to monitor it pretty closely - I intend to be spending a lotof time with Site and would love to see a channel either here or in Zulip

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I have created a channel for Site #juxt-site, please direct your site questions there to leave this channel for XTDB specific content

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Putting this guidance to the topic or at least the channel description would probably make it more effective