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Lukas Domagala11:12:02

just a little feedback on the nextjournal site that: i just tried to signup, went to, hit the signup button and got a “We don’t know this login” alert. It might just be me, but I was confused for a few seconds until I realized it was trying to use the empty email field as a username. Maybe there should be a special message on empty field, for people like me who think the button will bring them to a registration form.

Lukas Domagala12:12:51

oh and while i’m at it: in the clojure viewers example notebook the runtime is saying that “Couldn’t require ‘compliment’ library, completions will be disabled in this runtime.” + in the settings of the clojure runtime protocol list descriptions for 2 of the three options. oh and the run always produces the “Implicit use of clojure.main with options is deprecated, use -M” that every clojure dev knows, but might be confusing for nextjournal users. hope this is the right place for such reports, otherwise I can throw them somewhere else if you want.


Hi Lukas, this is the right place, thanks for these reports, we’ll look into it.