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Ben Sless13:12:55

About once a month I give a try to LSP in Spacemacs and get bummed that it impolitely overrides CIDER's behavior with describe-thing-at-point and cursor hover 😞

Ben Sless13:12:10

This isn't LSP's fault, it's just Spacemacs' behavior


Have you raised an issue on the Spacemacs repository about this?


I don't have an issue with this binding as I find the other help bindings more useful. I can also get docs from auto-complete and LSP UI doc popups. Feel free to suggest some alternative key bindings to the Spacemacs mainteners, or rebind keys in the dotspacacs/user-config


Is this one key binding definition in the Clojure layer your only concern?

Ben Sless14:12:56

not just the key binding, also the display at the bottom frame when the cursor hovers over symbols

Ben Sless14:12:49

Generally I'd want to keep all of Clojure layer's bindings unchanged


I only recall that one changed key binding. LSP does add its own keybindings along side the Cider and clj-refactor key bindings (I have used clj-refactor for years, so theyay be some over-riding there)

Ben Sless14:12:16


"hh" 'cider-doc
              "=r" 'cider-format-region
              "ge" 'cider-jump-to-compilation-error
              "gr" 'cider-find-resource
              "gs" 'cider-browse-spec
              "gS" 'cider-browse-spec-all))


LSP by nature adds a lot of common language features, some of which CIDER also implemented. They are both self-described IDEs so bound to be some crossover. LSP is a big change to Emacs UI (although more features in the UI are now switched off by default). Unless there are specific LSP features needed, stick with Cider and clj-kondo

Ben Sless15:12:06

I'm very happy with cider, mostly concerned I might be missing something by not using LSP too


If you do try LSP, then it would also be worth looking at how to enable/disable specific features