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just pushed io.github.nextjournal/clerk {:mvn/version "0.4.305"} to, a big update ( Plan to announce it later unless we missed a blocker. Would be great if folks could take it for a spin.

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Hi Martin, I don’t have a sound understanding of all the parts in play so this report will only be useful if backed-up by someone else experiencing the same... For me, with an file, 0.4.305's build-static-app! doesn’t generate separate .html files per notebook, nor is it bundling the notebooks together into a single .html such that I can #/<...> navigate to them. Whereas the 37d3686f8f475a7aef1d34b147f043b31dfd50a7 commit (from 2nd Dec) does generate these files (fairly much) ok. Anyway, just saying in case it helps in the light of additional, firmer evidence. :man-shrugging: (If no-one else experiences the above issue then it’s prob just my set-up.)


hi @UFJ5R302F, yeah there’s some issues with a user-supplied file that we’re looking into right now, thanks! Will keep you posted. It does work without an user-supplied index file thought, right?


Hi @U5H74UNSF, …yes it works fine without an file. I’ll watch-out for updates that might allow an to work. Thanks 😃