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Nikolas Pafitis11:12:43

Quick question for XTDB datalog queries, are the limit and offset options applied before or after unification?


Hey 🙂 limit & offset are always applied after - you can see the full pipeline sequence of operations here: summary: 1. joins 2. aggregations 3. order-by 4. offset 5. limit 6. pull 7. return maps

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Steven Deobald18:12:22

@U0105D1EL4B Since we're experimenting with Discourse as a way of exposing Q&A like this in a searchable way (yesterday's weather has proven we're just not disciplined enough to turn every question into a FAQ in the docs ... and even less disciplined about updating the docs properly), I'm going to start pestering people to duplicate their Slack questions in, if they're willing. Feel free to ignore this request, but now it's out there. 🙂