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morning Cruxies... Any news releases on compile race condition?

Ivan Fedorov10:10:55

Hi! What would you say if I published your example in a standalone repo? With all the thanks, of course

Ivan Fedorov11:10:19

Or perhaps you can publish it and add me as a maintainer


Morning @olekss.janis soon. We are getting a release in shape today

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@jjttjj just tested against mysql and passes locally. What version of Crux are you using - has it ever worked for you - what version of mysql, and do you have a stacktrace? Could be worth raising an issue


Hi all (inc @olekss.janis) we have pushed a new release of Crux - 19.09-1.5.0-alpha - Enjoy! (also, there is a minor API change to start Crux nodes, please consult the docs)

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@hoppy has also been worked on, should fix your current issue.


check. Thanks. I'll rengage it in the next day or so and see how it goes.


you were hinting at an impending release?


Yes, we have just released!

Ivan Fedorov14:10:32

@olekss.janis I’ve updated your snippet for the latest version