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You can just call stest/instrument and that's it - e.g. in project.clj


I'm trying to cider-jack-in-cljs (in a dir having both project.clj and shadow-cljs.edn), with this:

Connected to nREPL server - 
;; CIDER 0.23.0 (Lima), nREPL 0.6.0
;; Clojure 1.10.1, Java 11.0.3
but got this:
ERROR: Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:nrepl.middleware.print/stream? 1, :nrepl.middleware.print/print cider.nrepl.pprint/pprint, :nrepl.middleware.print/quota 1048576, :nrepl.middleware.print/options {:right-margin 70}, :op init-debugger, :session edab9481-bbf5-4e25-b4c3-a39a94a4720c, :id 6}
Syntax error compiling at (cider/nrepl/inlined_deps/orchard/v0v5v3/orchard/java/parser.clj:1:1).
Caused by: java.lang.Exception: namespace '' not found
did I miss something?


@bozhidar kaocha is meant to be the holy grail of test running. It is great at the command line, it is great at the REPL (kaocha.repl), and it is great for tooling (kaocha.api)


I'd say the biggest benefit is that it transparently handles many test types. You can run Clojure, ClojureScript, Cucumber all exactly the same way. It's pretty feature rich out of the box, and has plugins to add whatever else people feel they need.


Yeah, I guess that’d be quite beneficial in a tool like CIDER. Our current approach doesn’t work with ClojureScript at all currently. I’ll take a look at this middleware and the kaocha.api when I can. @andrea.crotti and whoever else has ideas about integrating Kaocha with CIDER is welcome to file tickets with suggestions what we can do.


ok great thanks