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yo, do these questions make any sense at all to any of you?


im about to take an exam as a screening for a job


and this question is miserably explained.


the directions for that picture are: > choose three (3) figures that are needed to create the given figure on the left. only pieces of the same color may overlap.


what in the hell does that mean


here's one possible interpretation: overlap 3 of a, b, c, d, e -- which things are allowed to overlap are constrained by "only pieces of the same color may overlap", where "pieces" refers to the small squares within each of a, b, c, d, e -- in such a way that the left-most 3x3 pattern is obtained


i would guess that d and e cannot be chosen together because the top right corners of each do not have the same color -- d has a grey color in the top right corner, while e has a blue colored top-right-corner "piece"


c doesn't appear to be usable because the "piece" in the middle row + middle column is blue, but the final "figure" on the left has a grey color in the corresponding spot


possibly "white" is not considered a color for this question