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Sachin Chavan17:10:51

[suggestion please] Getting started with Clojure is VSCode better choice or should I learn emacs. I am very comfortable with VSCode


100% unequivocally use VS Code. Learning Clojure is a challenging task on its own. You don’t need to burden yourself with learning a new editor as well. Calva is a fantastic plugin, which once you get the hang of, will make you about as productive as any VIM or Emacs user.

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Use VSCode

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calva 4

Yes, if you are comfortable with VSCode, then that is good footing when learning Clojure.

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I'm not sure if you are using Windows, but I wrote this guide about getting started with Clojure on Windows. You may find it useful even if you use another OS.


(with VS Code* too)

Sachin Chavan07:10:29

I am using Mac

Sachin Chavan07:10:56

Thanks @U9A1RLFNV I will check this

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