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Hey all! Just started experimenting with vim + clojure to see what the ecosystem is like. If one is using socket repl what is the recommended vim plugin to support this flow? I see vim-iced has basic support, but i’m curious if other plugins are more feature support?


I use vim-iced, and except for the bug where the whole function is pasted instead of the most recently yanked/deleted thing (, it's great

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That really does seem like some interference with other plugins or something, I'm not seeing that problem


i've tried to isolate but it's infrequent enough that I haven't been able to, sadly. I'll keep an eye out and post in that issue if I do figure something out


You can use vim-iced without other plugins to validate if it is something else:


Or does it even happen everytime you yank text from a comment?


Nice! Do you also use a socket repl?