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holy hara i just found the macroexpand shortcut and I’m 😹

Jeff Evans01:03:19

mind elaborating on this?


I really need to document that thing.


@U0183EZCD0D Tools | REPL | View macroexpansion… will give you a popup interactive macroexpander for the macro form under the caret.

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I’ve been working on it a bit recently, some people have had problems with the popup, so YMMV until I get that fixed.


oh, this seems to be working again


First time I had success with it in months


That’s odd, I wonder if it’s something in IntelliJ that has changed - certainly the Cursive part of that hasn’t changed in ages.


Not sure. I couldn't get the window to appear until today. It still opens on another monitor, not the on my intellij is on and I can't seem to be able to move it

Jeff Evans15:03:25

yeah this is going to be really awesome for me. I am noticing that in some cases, this is all that shows up. some kind of plugin issue?


That looks like a bug, yeah. What are you trying to expand?


Thanks, I’ll try to reproduce that.

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I’m wondering if there’s any way to copy that buffer to the clipboard


Does normal C+P not work?


like, cmd+p?


This buffer is more like an autocomplete buffer


I’m unable to focus it at all.


It could be that I’m also using ideavim(?)


Sorry, no, I meant normal cut + paste. I’ll try that to see if it works.


I'm finding that I'm unable to interact with the macroexpansion popup in any way actually


but at least it now appears


What's the current recommended way to run CLJS REPL using Cursive? Tubular client?


There’s no one good answer to this, it depends on what your CLJS process is doing. But I think the closest I can come to a good universal answer is “use shadow”. Shadow always uses nREPL which makes your CLJS REPL behave almost completely like a CLJ one.

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If you do want a tubular-like thing, seems to be a better option.


I was not aware of vlaaad's remote-repl. thx!


@cfleming I have a feature request: Is it possible to have send form ... to REPL to work a bit more seamlessly with multiple REPLs? It would be nice to have two sets of send form, one will just send it to whatever REPL is currently active/selected, and another set will display a popup asking for which REPL to send the form to, and will switch automatically to that REPL so I can see the evaluation.

R.A. Porter15:03:12

I see that the release of IJ 2020.3.3 is finally out and I’d like to upgrade to it but I’ve slowed my upgrade cadence since becoming a FT clojure dev. I used to run EAPs of IJ but that’s now too much underlying change since I depend on Cursive + IJ to work in concert. I assume that 2020.3.3 is a safe upgrade?


I upgraded sometime in the past 48 hours and found no issues so far


and macroexpansion started working again after months but I'm unsure whether that was due to the upgrade

Mark Wardle17:03:44

Hi all. Is there an option within IntelliJ or cursive to use a specific alias when editing code within a deps.edn project? I can obviously run a REPL with any alias, but I have a few aliases which add external libraries and so I get warnings about ‘class cannot be resolved’ when I know at runtime it will be resolved by some extra dependencies in the alias definition. Am I missing something in the project set-up page? I have found some global settings (my project settings pane appears empty) but putting things in there doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Mark Wardle17:03:17

It’s only a minor issue; the simplest fix is to just temporarily alter my deps.edn to include the needed dependencies in the main list while developing that module.

Mark Wardle21:03:45

Brilliant. Thank you. Assumed I was missing something. Many thanks.


We're experimenting with converting from project.clj to deps.edn in our very, very large, multi-module project. So far, I haven't managed to get it to work at all; using "New project from existing sources" and then choosing the root folder of my multi-project, Cursive finds no deps to import. Does there need to be a top-level deps.edn file for this to work? What would that look like exactly? IDEA 2020.3, Cursive 1.10.1-2020.3.


Update: Downloading a fresh copy of my project from Git, into an entirely new folder, worked. Cursive may be storing some project-specific data outside of the project itself -- I had tried deleting the .idea directory of my existing project.


Then I found out I can't re-create my original project.


Now I'm into ~/Library/Caches/JetBrains/IdeaIC2020.3 looking for things to delete.


Ok, got my original project working again with Leiningen after finding and deleting all .iml files in my workspace.


I think the best way to try this out would be to migrate module by module. So I’d pick a leaf module from your tree, un-register it with Leiningen and then File | New… | Module from existing sources and add the deps.edn.


Jeez! Sorry to spam this! I thought I had started a fresh thread. It's been that kind of day.


I don’t know if this is a jetbrains thing or cursive specific thing but I figured I’d ask. I would love to use multiline editing to select these lines, then hold shift and hit alt->right arrow to select the entire first expression, but expressions with hyphens get split.


that doesn't look like valid clojure to me, is there something wrapping all this? it could be that it doesn't understand that these are identifiers and thus does not select the whole thing


is there a way to say hyphen’s don’t split words?


i noticed that double click on a word with a hyphen selects the whole thing


i dunno maybe i don’t want to do that.. does anyone have a preference either way?


I'd try expand selection


i’m not familiar with that