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Laura Keates10:03:57

Hi everyone! FY! are recruiting for Clojure Engineers at a junior, mid and senior level. Roles are remote within 2 hours +/- CET. Link to JD is below!

Tim Robinson14:03:42

Hi everyone. I'm an ex CTO/architect/lead developer of a successful start-up so I have lots of experience delivering real-world applications. I'm looking for small-to-medium Clojure projects I can deliver on a freelance/flexible basis, not a 9-to-5. If you have any requirement you think I can help with, let me know.


Hi Tim, do you have a cv or portfolio or similar? I’m thinking something that helps see if your toolset and experience matches our needs...


To explain a bit more: we have considered freelance project-based work in the past but it has been for relatively “niche” subjects that would need considerable training effort on our side to complete. An expert freelancers makes sense but it all depends on the niche.

Tim Robinson11:03:15

Hi @U7PBP4UVA, just to check you saw my private message with my resume in. Let me know if you think there's anything I can help with


Hi @U01G37FGJ0Z, I have but I haven't had a chance to do a closer review. There's also a job posting I released yesterday in this channel that perhaps could be interesting to you. I'll be in touch soon.

Tim Robinson15:03:30

ok no worries - just wanted to make sure you've seen it because I often find I miss things on slack