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Some juicy drama over at the Lombok project


I had no idea about Lombok until I ran into some issues trying to interop with a library that uses it under the hood and hitting some introspection walls. It seems like it’s doing some real nasty things under the hood.


There’s even more drama at the Reddit thread but I won’t like to that :)


Don't tease us like that!

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Exciting read


You can find it in r/Java


It has 200 comments last time I checked


I just did a search for "lombok" and it was near the top hit 🙂

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Just don’t use Java if you don’t like writing a lot of boiler plate code..

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Elliot Stern12:03:38

Especially now with Kotlin, Scala and Clojure

Elliot Stern12:03:17

If you want to write Java with less boilerplate, there’s entire compilers trying to solve that for you.

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clojure-spin 2

The more I read about lombok the more scarier it seems. I've been using org.immutables/value for the same use cases for years without issues.


In the end it often creates more problems then is solves. I didn’t run into much problems myself, but I know another team stopped using Lombok altogether a few years back, because it was giving weird problems. Often it’s better to be fully in control.


Anyone ever use Esper: Maybe I somehow avoided seeing it for years, but it seems to me less talked about than other event/stream/batch processing systems. But the idea seems interesting: just use sql as a stream processing language. In my very early experimentation with it, sql seems to fit this usage surprisingly well for something not designed for it. I'm wondering if this starts to break down or if there are any pitfalls that show up after using it a lot