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Hey there. I have some code from 0.6.x version of duct, which uses `

:duct.core/include ["config.edn"]
in dev.edn . I upgraded to 0.8.0 and this stopped working? How can I merge configurations from multiple sources?


I don't think the wiki mentions it, but you can create your own profiles


The profiles are a bit inverted in terms of control. I have a core library and project that uses it. I would like to have a partial config in the library and then in the project I;’d like to import that config and fill in some gaps… I don’t know if profiles are great for this… I guess I can always manually merge edns


Profiles allow you to merge any edn resources into your:duct/core config. Sounds like that's what you need but maybe I'm misunderstanding


I want the library’s version be the base and then the web server config to be an override, but using profiles, that would make the web server config a profile I must always enable?


Yeah that sounds like an edge case. Not sure how you'd resolve that