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Laura Keates10:03:16

Hi everyone! FY! are recruiting for Clojure Engineers at a junior, mid and senior level. Roles are remote within 2 hours +/- CET, but if you would rather head to the office, we have them in London and Berlin. Link to JD is below!

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💼 🌍 Remote (ideally 🇬🇧 London-based) 💰 £70k - £90k 📈 Permanent 🤓 React, Vue, ClojureScript Coders Connect are partnering with an exciting start-up that are on a mission to help companies launch financial products, as an API-first bank. This incredibly smart concept allows companies of all sizes to connect with banking infrastructures. They are making a bank you can build on. Their customers range from fintech start-ups with bold new ideas to established brands breaking out into new territory. Whether large or small, they all need the same things to get to market: a Banking as a Service (BaaS) partner, a compliance solution and solid accounting infrastructure. They aim to offer all three under one roof - enabling their customers to get to market faster with a trusted long-term partner. They are currently seeking authorization from the FCA and PRA to become a fully-regulated bank. They are still an early stage company, with only around 25 people. The team is distributed, with about half of us in London and the rest sprinkled across the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Germany and Sweden. :e-mail: Apply now 

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