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@dominicm i just played around with (which you posted earlier) for a bit. i like it! but after a while of playing with it and configuring it to my liking, i realized that i'd ended up with something very similar to ctrl-space, and then i realized that i like ctrl-space better 😄


one area where it does have ctrl-space beat is that you can keep it open and have a nice, succinct display of all of your open buffers


i just tend not to work that way. i like to be able to forget which buffers i have open most of the time -- one less thing to have on my mind


to wit, i have my tabline turned off


ctrl-space is useful to me in those times when i need to open a file i was just looking at and i don't quite remember what it was called, so i want to see what files i have open, just for a second, and switch to that particular file


then i go back to not caring what files i have open, and just looking at the file in front of me

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@thiru0130 Thanks for your feedback! I'll support figwheel-main with vim-iced.


@thiru0130 You can already connect to figwheel-main via following command. :IcedEvalRepl (cider.piggieback/cljs-repl (figwheel.main.api/repl-env "app")) But I'll provide more suitable I/F for piggieback.


@UBL24PLE6 awesome! Your tool looks pretty compelling. I'll give it a go sometime soon. Hopefully it works ok with neovim 😓


I get a lot of mileage out of :b <partial-buffer-name><Tab> with wildmenu and also nnoremap gb :ls<CR>:b<space> instead of just using :ls


Yeah, your gb is what I've been doing, but lots of overlap in filenames is killing me on this project


FWIW, vim-fzf also provides a way to fuzzy find over open buffers -- could potentially be useful for that?