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I have no idea @mp747 , but have a look at the github repo and see if there has been any activity lately.


(and let us know what you find 😉 )


That was actually my first idea, @thomas, but the repos didn’t change, since I had a look last time. That fact caused my question here 😉


makes sense...


in that case I certainly don't know the answer...


I certainly like the idea of Arachne and I supported the kickstarter (was it kickstarter? can't remember)


but never got round to use it. and I can't remember hearing a story of someone who has used it succesfully .


I like the idea as well. I think it is not quite usable in production at this point.


(but I really like to have somebody change my mind on this)


so maybe that is the question... is there someone who has build something sizeable with Arachne?


Indeed. Please speak loudly. 😉


I think if you’re looking for something that took some inspiration from arachne consider #duct


I wouldn’t expect Arachne to go anywhere honestly


I suspect you are right @martinklepsch


Looking at the GitHub contribution activity by the person who started Arachne, its very low. The author posted the following comment on Reddit about the state of the project. Although its not 'dead' the funding from the kickstarter ended over a year ago and they are back to their day jobs.

levand - 1 year ago
Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of transparency here.

While progress has slowed dramatically due to the funding running out and me returning to my day job, the project is far from dead. What's there already is stable and usable (although more features are required). I'm aware of at least two companies using it on commercial products, and I'm using it for all my own projects as well.

The reason there hasn't been much motion on core lately is because I've been hard at work on Chimera, the data abstraction layer that will allow modules to transparently use a pluggable data store for data persistence. That has proven quite challenging but I'm optimistic and hope to deliver a working version relatively soon.

I've also been working on a new state management library for front-end apps which, while not a part of Arachne proper, will mesh with it to provide (hopefully) a first-class single-page application development library that is quite different from anything out there now.


From my perspective the biggest pitfall of Arachne was that it failed to transition into the state of a healthy OSS project and remained a design exploration done by a single individual with few other contributors. I wish this would have been different but of course this is also not entirely under control of the original creator.


We could fork it and continue working on it … just a thought. Wouldn’t do it on my own, though, but if there are more interested Clojurians, just let me know.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:02:27

Just FYI, Luke is no longer at Cognitect and now at a startup that I believe is not using Clojure.


Thanks for the update @alexmiller


I will try to contact Luke and ask him if he is willing to transfer the project.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:02:44

yeah, I’m not sure what his thoughts or plans are on it.


Let’s find out 😉

Eric Scott14:02:15

I think this is a very interesting project, and would be sorry to see it end, so @mp747, I'm in. Most of my background and interest is in semantic representations, graph databases and the like. My knowledge of front-end stuff is quite shallow at this point, but it's time I learned.

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