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eccentric J06:02:09

This might be tangental to this channel but could a separate survey be created to put into a general programming community (like r/programming or r/functionalprogramming) to get their input on Clojure? While I understand the inherent value in collecting feedback from people already using Clojure, a much larger number of people are not using Clojure which makes me curious about their take on the language and community.

eccentric J04:02:45

This made a lot of sense at 2am and now, ~18 hours later it makes 0 sense. The number of answers you may get vs the value in the feedback would be so low that it is completely non-viable and would likely be far move valuable to the core team NOT to spend time on this.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:02:30

is ClojureVerse missing from that list?


ClojureVerse is linked from r/Clojure but wasn't mentioned in that comment from the survey (and I was only writing about interactive chat clients).


I didn't mention the clojurians-log because Daniel already highlighted that in his article (which was where my whole blog posted started 🙂 )