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I've been using :ls and :b for switching buffers, but the overlap is causing issues for me. How are you switching buffers? Anything like an improved ls?


actually, no. I just want the shortening property

Jan K15:02:39

I use bufferlist.vim and ctrlp.vim

Noah Bogart15:02:40

If you set tab completion, I’m forgetting the setting now, you can :b foo<Tab> and it’ll cycle through the buffers starting with foo

Noah Bogart15:02:05

And then if I’m using just two buffers back and forth, :b# goes to the previous buffer

Noah Bogart15:02:02

Also, <ctrl>-o and <ctrl>-i move forwards and backwards through where your cursor has been, across buffers as well


The <C-D> completion is useful too. Unfortunately I have lots of files with the same name open, some of the time.


Bufferlist-vim ( eventually took to ctrlspace ( which might be something to consider.


i've been using ctrl-space for a long while now, love it


it does a lot more than managing buffers -- you can use it to set up projects/workspaces, too though in practice, i've only been using it for its buffer switcher


after i have a couple of buffers open, i'll press space twice to pop open the list of open buffers, use j/k to select the one i want, and then enter to select it


i actually use a combination of that and vim-fzf


if i know the name of the file i want to open, it's often faster for me to press ctrl-f to open an fzf split and fuzzy find my way to the file


Sounds like you use it as an :ls


I use to view my open buffers like tabs across the top (similar to a browser)


I've mapped shift-J and shift-K to go between the buffers (like the Vimium plugin for Firefox/chrome)


I find it extremely useful to always view the buffers I have open without having to use a key-comb to temporary view


@ingvij I'm using vim-fireplace but I'm always looking for something better. Still haven't found something else that can do all of these: • code completion • go to definition of symbol • go to namespace/file • connect to figwheel-main AND piggieback repls


fireplace can do all of those 😄


:Piggieback (figwheel.main.api/repl-env "app")


Yup that's what I meant actually. Fireplace is the only plugin I've come across that can do all these things. The other ones (including iced) have nice features that fireplace doesn't have but without the ones I listed I just can't switch away...


@thiru0130 Thanks for the message. The newest version of acid will allow you to select the middlewares you'd like before starting a nrepl with tools.deps. This means it should be simpler to start piggieback nrepl.

👍 5

Also, even though most of it is lua based, it is compatible with deoplete so it provides asynchronous code completion.


Lastly, previous version was already providing code navigation, but I'm intending to improve it with the new version.


Nice! I noticed the "experimental" note is still there for Neovim, which is what I'm using. Is there anything in particular to look out for with Neovim?


Also, by Figwheel I specifically mean figwheel-main. Not sure it makes a difference but I noticed on your readme you have lein-figwheel only


Oops sorry I was looking at vim-iced.. your project is acid. So definitely no concern with Neovim! But maybe question still stands with figwheel-main?


I am unaware of the differences, but if you can spawn that from a command line, you can provide an address/port tuple for it to connect.