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koala punch13:02:21

hi, i’ve been trying to get code completion working with either lein figwheel or boot cljs with no success this is using vim anyone managed to get this working? seems to be fine for standard clojure, but clojurescript seems to fail. i think it’s something to do with integration between fireplace and the clojurescript repl i can evaluate the code, but just can’t seem to get the inline docs or code completion to work

koala punch13:02:28

i’ve just added the cider nrepl

koala punch13:02:33

and it seems to be working now with figwheel

koala punch13:02:42

i’d been trying before with boot cljs-repl

koala punch13:02:49

but that never seemed to work and feels buggy

koala punch13:02:57

figwheel seems to be working now though!


@christopher.paul ime the boot-cljs-repl is more reliable. Boot needs setting up differently in order to use cider-nrepl.

koala punch13:02:31

i prefer the look of boot over lein, feels abit like gulp vs grunt

koala punch13:02:42

yea i’ve been through all that


That's the way I attempt to describe it to others too 🙂

koala punch13:02:50

i’d rather use boot tbh


We do use boot. Code completion does work there 🙂

koala punch13:02:21

first i was trying vim, no luck

koala punch13:02:29

so then i tried neovim with decomplete and the cider repl

koala punch13:02:43

so maybe now i’ll try standard vim again with cider repl with boot

koala punch13:02:09

if i run that, i think it runs a repl as part of that task

koala punch13:02:34

:Piggieback (adzerk.boot-cljs-repl/repl-env)

koala punch13:02:40

that’s the right command ?

koala punch14:02:12

it seems to be working for me now

koala punch14:02:18

i was at it for hours yesterday

koala punch14:02:23

maybe it was an issue with neovim

koala punch14:02:50

i’m a java dev atm, so code completion feels important to me at the moment

koala punch14:02:02

maybe when i’m a bit more knowledegable in cljs i won’t need it so much


I use neovim with this, it can work 🙂


I rely on completion heavily

koala punch15:02:18

do you use that with deocopmlete?

koala punch15:02:35

were there any other plugins that you had to install to get it working?

koala punch15:02:48

also another problem i seem to be having is if i close the vim editor, i lose my connection to the cljs repl

koala punch15:02:08

and the only way to get it back seems to be to kill the boot repl -c job and also the cljs-repl task

koala punch15:02:31

if you try to re-piggieback once the page has been open, it seems to ignore it

koala punch15:02:38

i mean in a new vim session


I've been using ncm, but deocomplete worked too.

koala punch15:02:22

have you had the problem above? if you close a vim session, you can’t reconnect to the repl?>


I think I sometimes have issues with it and have to restart the page. It might be because of where reload is though.

koala punch15:02:41

yea its like something gets registered and not deregistered

koala punch15:02:04

its the boot repl -c job

koala punch15:02:11

seem to have to kick it if i close vim

koala punch15:02:18

then also refresh the page


Wow, 190 people in here


Long time (neo)vim user, now getting to do clojure for work. Glad to find this channel.


There's enough of us. I also do clojure professionally with neovim. Happy to answer questions you might have


Awesome, it was your juxt blog post that led me here. Nice to meet you.