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@tony.kay - fulcro is still using react 15, correct? Is 16 a current option - or on the roadmap? I’m taking a look at material-ui-next, which I believe require 16.


@donmullen fulcro is 15 by default, but works fine with 16 too, you just need to set the dependencies


Thanks @wilkerlucio - any known issues with 16? Pros/cons of using 15 or 16?


I'm trying it on the pathom book, had no issue so far, I guess the main cons are that you lose compatibility with things there are not ready for 16, so old apps could have some work to migrate


@wilkerlucio Just trying a simple project using shadow-cljs to compile (based on latest fulcro template). Switched the package.json to pull in 16 and getting The required JS dependency "create-react-class" is not available, it was required by "cljsjs/react.cljs".


Wondering where that cljsjs/react.cljs is coming from - was thinking possibly devcards??


npm install create-react-class


it mimicks the cljsjs.react bundle


create-react-class works fine with v16 even though its v15 version.


@thheller - I know you aren’t a cider user - but perhaps you’ll know the answer to this as you were testing nrepl functionality recently. I am running npx shadow-cljs watch main cards from within fulcro - and I put [cider/cider-nrepl "0.16.0"] in project.clj under :plugins (which worked before). But I’m getting WARNING: CIDER's version (0.16.0) does not match cider-nrepl's version (nil). Things will break! now.


dunno about plugins. I think you need to put it into :dependencies