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@U05100J3V yeah dat was me. I was curious if I could get it to work. It is not feasible for anything serious right now I think (I don't like the lack of syntax highlighting etc, the loading of external libraries will probably not work either in a nice way). So now I'm trying to get a minimal cljs clone of observable working. I'm not putting many hours in yet so it might take a bit of time


Cool! I hope you'll keep us posted!


For those interested, I just pushed an updated version of oz with some utilities for publishing/sharing plots via gist + vega-examples site.


One of the reasons I made oz in the first place was that I wanted to do contour plots, but could only find examples in vega (see I tried reproducing in vega-lite but wasn't able to. I may have a little more luck now that I've dug in more, but I'm wondering if any of you here with more vega/vega-lite experience might know how to accomplish this? Ahem; @jsa-aerial?


AFAIK, that is not currently available, but there is an issue on supporting this:


Ah; Thank you!