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Busy escaping the comfort zone03:02:10

Hey, I'm looking for an install/setup guide, the only thing I could find is which seems a bit dated and I don't want to depend on Ansible, also is lein run used in production?


That was purely for benchmarking purposes - I wouldn’t follow anything that it does


That project is inactive as in the title. I’ll try to use GitHub’s new archive project feature

Busy escaping the comfort zone03:02:50

So what is the setup guide? how to run a cluster?


That’s a bit of a hole in our docs, as it’s a little bit hard to create a guide for every environment. We’ve been meaning to push up a repo with a way to run a cluster via Kubernetes but I’m afraid it’s on the backlog at the moment


This is the closest to a guide that we have at the moment. It’s more like a checklist right now

Busy escaping the comfort zone04:02:44

I see, personally I would to see a docker-compose or even a small cluster setup how to guide before I jump to the big guns


That’s fair. onyx-template creates a project which is able to build docker images but it doesn’t go further. The main problem is you need to start wiring up medium’s like kafka to do anything with it.


The easy to use plugins such as core async aren’t really usable in clustered mode onyx

Busy escaping the comfort zone04:02:07

Hmm, a docker kafaka instance shouldn't be too hard to wire same as redis, elasticsearch etc..

Busy escaping the comfort zone04:02:05

Ill try to see if I can get it going, if I understand correctly I only need a single zk instance and couple of peers

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BTW I would add to the docs/README the slack channel, I saw gitter but it required Github/Twitter access that I didn't want to give found this channel by guessing it exists 🙂