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When invoking t.d.a via the CLI from Cursive, currently I have to search under the install dir for the uberjar since its location isn’t returned by -Sdescribe. Currently I look for a jar with “tools” in the name and a jar extension. I’ve just debugged a problem with a user where an older version of deps was being used in his case, presumably because his installer leaves older versions of the jar floating around (this is on Linux). Is it a reasonable assumption that the uberjar name will also contain the version? Everything I’ve seen so far seems to be named “clojure-tools-<version>.jar” so hopefully that’s reasonable.


i submitted a GitHub issue for this a while back and am glad to hear that it's being addressed:


Wow, you’re right, my apologies for not fixing that at the time and not making the connection to this issue! I have a fix for it which fixes the current problem, it’ll be in the next EAP.

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