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in theory is it possible to have pathom do a join without explicitly returning a map in the resolver? e.g. instead of returning {:join-from {:join-to 1}} you just return {:join-from 1} and specify externally that the attribute :join-from can be walked to reach :join-to, so the query [{:join-from [:join-to]}] still works?


not by default, you can make something like that via plugins, but that may lead to some confusion on the users (value changing types depending on query shape)


Hello everyone! Today I have some news on Pathom docs! 1. Now for async processes, the env can be a promise, this allows the user to make an easy async build-up, for loading external indexes for example. 2. Boundary interface just got it's section on the documentation. 3. A new tutorial is out! Learn how to deploy Pathom as a Google Cloud Function: Another important one, if you are already using the boundary interface, I'm renaming :pathom/tx to :pathom/eql, if you used that please upgrade in your code (`:pathom/tx` is still supported for now, but I'll remove it once Pathom 3 reaches beta).

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