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I want to use tools.deps add-lib. When I started using the addlib3 branch, shadow-cljs would no longer work. Any ideas how to use add-lib in a way that most dependencies of tools.deps are the same as on master?


Are you using this SHA 241cd24c35ba770aea4773ea161d45276e5d3a73? That's up-to-date per March 30th which ought to be recent enough for Shadow-cljs.


Can you be a bit more specific about "no longer work[s]"?


I'm using that version of t.d.a all-day, every-day -- although not with cljs.


I am going to add spec on the values passed to chan? Where to put the validation part? Also, is spec on chan a proper place?


Is there any way to extend stuff so that seq and friends work directly on a ? Not super important but would be nice. Work arounds are fine enough.

(extend-type HashBasedTable
  (seq [coll] ...))
does not work which makes enough sense given that Sequable is a java interface and HashBasedTable is a java class. I was wondering if there was some other mechanism I was missing? Not really seeing an avenue when I look at the clojure source code for seq


Unfortunately there is no mechanism


obv. you can just write a function to do it


(defn hash-based-table-seq [hbt]


and in whatever contexts you need it to happen automatically wrap it


(defn hash-based-table-as-seqable [hbt]
  (reify Seqable
    (seq [_]
      (hash-based-table-seq hbt))


ah well. I never considered the reify trick. I’ll see if that is a good fit in certain places. Thanks!


you can also do the newtype/composition trick - make a deftype that implements all the same interfaces as HashBasedTable and just wraps it, then mimic instance and static methods with functions in a namespace


Its more verbose, but its the OO way to go when you don't have inheritance


HashBasedTable seems to be defined basically just by the interface, so this should be a drop in replacement wherever you are using it now


minus maybe the equals definition


@U3JH98J4R Nice! Cheers. Yeah using a wrapper like that should be an upgrade on my current code.


curious - what is your use case for a data structure like this?


Optimizing some stuff thus making the code less idiomatically clojure. It is part of the frame graph for rather flexible rendering in a game loop. My take on or Everything started of represented with immutable neat clojure data structures. I am happy enough with the interface but I need quite a bit more perf and a little more control over garbage. And in this particular case I don’t really need the immutability. I have denormalized a few things and this HashBasedTable seems like a good storage type for a few things. I’ll see what the profiler has to say after I finish up a few things.


Some graph algorithms aren’t great to write against immutable data structures anyway. I always need a topological sorting of my graph but my graph does not change wildly frame to frame. So I implemented My version going against the mutable data structures is cleaner and faster than my old version and looks more like the algorithm in the paper.


lmk how that goes - I am curious how it turns out


will do!


I’m trying to save the following to postgres using next-jdbc:

{:updated-at #object[java.time.Instant 0x2c51100f "2021-06-13T18:25:59.271Z"]
 :user-id "xxxx"}
I’ve already required [] but there’s this error:
Execution error (PSQLException) at org.postgresql.jdbc.PgPreparedStatement/setObject (
Can't infer the SQL type to use for an instance of java.time.Instant. Use setObject() with an explicit Types value to specify the type to use.


If you’ve required then this protocol will be in effect: and Instant will be stored via .setTimestamp. If you’re seeing that exception, That protocol is not in effect. Without seeing more of your code, it’s hard to tell what you’re doing tho’


(also, I’d have probably seen this sooner if it was posted in #sql)


Thanks @U04V70XH6 I’ll be posting in #sql


According to

By default, PostgreSQL's JDBC driver does not always perform conversions from java.util.Date to a SQL data type. You can enable this by extending SettableParameter to the appropriate (Java) types, or by simply requiring

In addition, if you want java.time.Instant, java.time.LocalDate, and java.time.LocalDateTime to be automatically converted to SQL data types, requiring will enable those as well (by extending SettableParameter for you).


Any ideas why I’m receiving this exception? Thank you


(whoops. misread java.util.Date in there)


It works if I convert the java.time.Instant field to #inst but I’m hoping not to have to do this, as specified in the doc above

Matt Roll21:06:45

what server-side frameworks are people using and enjoying for writing web apps in clojure these days?


I think people use either Ring or Pedestal for the most part.


Other used ones, but I'd say not as common as Ring or Pedestal are: Yada, Holplon and Duct.