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what could cause the *cider-error* ( to take a long time to display? the issue is printed to the repl / log immediately, but the error buffer takes 5-10 seconds to show. i'm on the latest emacs package and 0.26.0 middleware


Maybe a large error structure? I had been dissatisfied with cider error popup latency so I turned it off a long time ago. I now only bring it up if I need to see more details


it's pretty slow no matter what


you're right though, not often that i actually read its contents. will disable


I've been seeing the same issue. Unfortunately I am not sure when it started. Using a very recent build from master and 0.26.0 middleware also


If someone manages to get some profiling data about the issue that’d be great. Usually such delays are caused by errors/timeouts.

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I can’t think of any recent changes that would cause some regressions there, though.