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it looks like with :skip-comments true at the project level, and :skip-comments false at the namespace level, unused requires doesn't see the usages inside comment forms in our dev/*.clj repl scripts, and continues to warn about unused namespaces when they are actually used inside the comments. (we skip comments on the project level as we have a pre-commit hook to prevent committing anything with linter warnings or errors) when i set false at the project level, it does see them, and stop warning about unused requires. by no means a showstopper, just wondering if this is something that is simple to fix, or inherent to the way the usage analysis is working?


I can reproduce the issue locally.


ok, so it's not just me 😄 thank you @U04V15CAJ!


@U0509NKGK Fixed on master. You could use a versioned snapshot version if you are using clj-kondo on the JVM in CI.


What I mean is: > Sending clj-kondo/clj-kondo/2021.06.02-SNAPSHOT/clj-kondo-2021.06.02-20210614.101046-4.jar (309k)


you could use the "2021.06.02-20210614.101046-4" part as the version