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Emanuel Moura21:06:40

Hi, friends. I'm Emanuel, from Brazil. I'm a recovering OOP developer, coming from Python.

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Matt Roll21:06:11

Hi friends 🙂 I’m a web programmer coming from React/Nodejs land. I’m intrigued by what I’m hearing about Datalog, and I’m also a big fan of and have written a fair amount of different lisps (even some clojure). I’m working on a new side project and I’d really like to know what is the state of the art for writing and hosting full stack web apps in clojure! Last year I built a small app on Luminus, but I feel like there are other technologies that ppl consider more up to date. I’m excited to start working more with clojure and getting to know the community.

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Welcome! I’d say that Luminus is fairly up to date. There are other ways to build the stack, of course, and you do the right thing exploring.

Birame S.21:06:28

Hi I'm Birame, a web developer coming from France working for years with PHP/NodeJS. I recently started my journey on Clojure and it seems quite exiciting 🙂

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Welcome! 🙂 I also came to Clojure from PHP (around 2013-2014).