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Does the clojure or clj command from Clojure CLI tools read a user.clj file if it contains (ns user) expression when starting the REPL? With Leiningen projets using a user or dev/user.clj file was one way to start component services. For a Clojure CLI project, if the dev directory was added as an extra path under a :dev alias and clj -A:dev used to start the REPL, should the dev/user.clj file be automatically evaluate on REPL start? I though I had this working the other week, but not sure if I imagined this now 🙂


Ah, I have it working in terms of requiring a namespace and evaluating a funtion call. However, using (in-ns main-project-namespace) does not seem to switch to the namespace (or if it does, then maybe it been switched back to user afterward).


@jr0cket load-file also switches back to the original namespace afterwards, because it uses binding + *ns*


I imagine something similar is happening here


Okay, I dont have to change the namespace, I can require the relevant libraries and use fully qualified namespace function calls. If there is a way in Clojure CLI tools to change the namespace using a user.clj file, I would be interested to know, but not essential. I can use the --eval option to run the relevant expressions.


@jr0cket This seems to work:

$ clj -e "(ns (alter-var-root #'*ns* (constantly '" -r


@jr0cket or even:

$ clj -e "(ns (alter-var-root #'*ns* (constantly ' (clojure.main/repl)">


I can set the namespace easily using --eval option on the command line. Unfortunately the above do not work from within user.clj. Ideally I'd like use it with rebel readline, which is the REPL UI I use if I am just using the REPL directly rather than an editor. --eval doesnt work when using the :rebel alias


@jr0cket Very well.

$ clj -R:rebel -e "(ns (alter-var-root #'*ns* (constantly (find-ns '" -m rebel-readline.main
#object[clojure.lang.Namespace 0x46cf05f7 ""]
[Rebel readline] Type :repl/help for online help info>


Success 🙂 I have learnt many things today, thank you.


Is there a way to do a universal exlucions? i see you can attach exluded to individual deps, but what if i wont want this lib from any dep?


@drewverlee you can use :classpath-overrides:

{:aliases {:babashka {:classpath-overrides {org.clojure/clojure nil
                                            org.clojure/spec.alpha nil
                                            org.clojure/core.specs.alpha nil}}}}


This only works in an alias