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TLDR: 5 years of commercial experience in Clojure/CLJS looking for interesting projects - feel free to PM me. Hi, I am looking for interesting projects to work on and felt this might be a good place to start looking πŸ˜‰ I have been working with Clojure/CLJS since 2015 (even managed to get second place in Clojure Cup 2015) and due to the current state of events looking for new projects to work on. I have also worked with Javascript, Java, Kotlin and C++ in the past (and are willing to learn new languages) so I could also help with those. My github: (there are few cljs projects in it but they are rather based around music ). If you have anything (doesn't even need to be Clj/Cljs as long it is interesting) feel free to PM me on slack. Preffered location: Remote/Berlin/Poland

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Alex Whitt14:07:55

Vertiv has an open position for a test automation developer. A large portion of our codebase is in Clojure. We're based in Columbus, OH, USA and would prefer a local candidate.,25_KE26,32.htm?jl=3610165762

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Hi all! At GoodVest we are looking for a front end engineer to work on a clrn app & website. We are based in Paris (France) but remote work is possible. PM me if you're interested!

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