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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:06:05

FYI my problem is fixed now. I believe something was wrong with my .m2/repository

Lone Ranger15:06:41

Heya @alexmiller I'm reading through tools.deps and you're using some pretty advanced kung fu in there. I don't suppose in all your ample free time you've given any talks or write-ups on a deep dive there have you? I'm trying to write some clojurescript CLI tools for working with deps and trying to port some of the stuff. Also, I tried running with CIDER but nREPL on the deps ran into the predictable errors for including java classpaths -- I'm curious what your REPL technique is for developing tools.deps.alpha?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:06:08

The last conj talk is probably the most detailed info about the impl. What part are you having trouble with? Re repl, I just open it in Cursive as a Maven project


@goomba There are a couple of tools.deps talks, they are listed in the repo


Hmm, only the one from EuroClojure is But there's another one from the latest Conj.

Lone Ranger15:06:55

I was there for the last one. I think I'm looking for more "how to contribute" style info

Lone Ranger15:06:19

😄 reading seems like a good start


@goomba ClojureScript already has cljs.main which works great in tandem with tools.deps?

Lone Ranger15:06:00

yeah of course. I'm not trying to replicate that functionality -- I'm working on something more like "pip for deps"

Lone Ranger15:06:16

I'm lazy and I don't like editing my deps file by hand

Lone Ranger15:06:22

also I can never remember version numbers

Lone Ranger15:06:47

I've got it working for clojars but there's a bunch of stuff on git and maven and I don't know how to work with those yet


interesting, anything public yet?

Lone Ranger15:06:31

not yet because it's still a mess but I'll send you some stuff on what I've got


there is a project out there that will search and add things to your deps files

Lone Ranger15:06:46

Ahh that's great. Reason I'm going the cljs route is just b/c of startup time etc

Lone Ranger15:06:00

and for personal education, I suppose


@goomba if startup time is important, you can also use GraalVM and/or babashka

Lone Ranger15:06:29

I need to learn to use both of those, for sure


(all good options, including what you're doing now of course!)


didn't mean to derail your exercise. but you can peruse the good if you like 🙂

Lone Ranger15:06:53

I'm hear here to learn in all forms!

Lone Ranger15:06:26

Has GraalVM gotten to the point where we can write arbitrary CLI stuff in Clojure now?

Lone Ranger15:06:39

(out of the loop)


yeah, but you can do a lot with babashka as well, without compiling.

Lone Ranger16:06:01

I need to sneak that one in at work 😈


@goomba meta-example: that is the clojure bash script ported to both babashka and GraalVM, so you can either run it as script or binary

Lone Ranger16:06:20

you can even babashka in powershell!? @borkdude your level of masochism is very impressive


yeah, Windows supported too

Lone Ranger16:06:02

some heroes don't wear capes


how do you know I'm not wearing a cape? (haha, just kidding...)

Lone Ranger16:06:01

well with covid I'm willing to wager most aren't even wearing pants. So I was just playing the odds

😂 9
Lone Ranger16:06:40

It looks like find-deps , from a quick glance, is dealing with the same limitation I have

Lone Ranger16:06:00

which is finding reagent is easy but org.clojure/core.match or org.clojure/core.async is not as easy

Lone Ranger16:06:27

I'm not sure how to differentiate in Maven what is Clojure and what is Java, for instance, conceptually

Lone Ranger16:06:02

or... maybe it doesn't matter -- as I say it out loud. That's kind of the point of Clojure, isn't it? 😆


there are some nice todos and vision in that find-deps lib that you could tackle


dealing with rankings and preferences if i recall correclty

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:06:23

If you’re talking about searching/finding deps, we’ve actually done some thinking about this in tandem with add-lib and I’ve even prototyped some of it in the add-lib2 branch of tools.deps but it’s not in a usable state right now

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:06:42

I guess really more in the context of repl dev not updating deps.edn

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:06:36

But could potentially be used for either I guess


Is there a good commit on the add-lib or add-lib2 branch that can be checked out and played around with? I'm thinking of adding a filewatcher on deps.edn and just automatically add any new libraries that are added there without having to restart the repl.


I have an example in my dot-clojure repo that I use all the time -- but @alexmiller has cautioned that add-lib will probably break as code moves around


hey @aviflax did you ever get a tools dep answer for tar.gz files ending up on your classpath?


I meant to ask Alex about it here… thanks for the reminder


The comment on that issue from olpaw to the effect that the tar.gz file shouldn’t have been included in the classpath in the first place made sense to me.


So I thought maybe this might be one of those places wherein tools.deps is deviating from commonly assumed Maven behavior/convention


I don’t really know ¯\(ツ)


I guess this does not happen with leiningen, as @borkdude references it from babashka project.clj


As I mentioned in that graal issue, the tar.gz file comes from for org.graalvm.truffle/truffle-nfi 20.1.0:



I assume must be some use case for including such a file in a pom, although I have no idea what it is. And I assume that Maven, and whatever mechanism Leiningen uses to work with Maven, somehow filters these files out when/where they’re not needed/useful.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:06:56

That’s a native dep and there is a facility in Maven to support loading those for the jvm

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:06:51

That Linux and amd64 there are actually parsed and used to select the right native dep for the os/arch

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:06:22

I think lein supports at least some of this too, but deps does not


@aviflax I have something working for my project, I’ll head over to #graalvm to followup